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Thanh Thi Nguyen

School of Information Technology, Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env, Deakin University

Title: Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Battle against COVID-19

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied widely in our daily lives in a variety of ways with numerous successful stories. AI has also contributed to dealing with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, which has been happening around the globe. This talk will present an overview of AI methods being used in various applications in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak and outlines the crucial roles of AI research in this unprecedented battle. The talk will touch on a number of areas where AI plays as an essential component, from medical image processing, data analytics, text mining and natural language processing, the Internet of Things, to computational biology and medicine. A summary of COVID-19 related data sources that are available for research purposes is also presented. Research directions on exploring the potentials of AI and enhancing its capabilities and power in the battle are thoroughly discussed. I will highlight 13 groups of problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic and point out promising AI and machine learning methods and tools that can be used to solve those problems. It is envisaged that this talk will provide AI and machine learning researchers and the wider community an overview of the current status of AI and machine learning applications and motivate researchers in harnessing AI potentials in the fight against COVID-19.