Program at a Glance

Opening & Keynotes
  • [08:30am Wed Nov 25, 2020] Opening Virtual Conferences ACOMP & FDSE 2020, Quy Nhon, by Conference Chairs

  • [09:00am Wed Nov 25, 2020] AI for CPS Cyber-Security, by Sun Jun

  • [10:00am Wed Nov 25, 2020] Big Data Analytics: Opportunities in Business and Service Revolution, by Jian Yang

  • [09:00am Thu Nov 26, 2020] Ensuring Security & Privacy Protection under COVID-19 Pandemic , by Tai M. Chung

  • [03:00pm Thu Nov 26, 2020] Data Quality for Medical Data Lakelands, by Johan Eder

  • [04:00pm Thu Nov 26, 2020] Blockchain Technology: Intrinsic Technological and Socio-Economic Barriers, by Dirk Draheim
Security and Cryptography
  • Hybrid deniable and short-key encryption protocols based on the authentication procedure

  • On a Queueing System with Differentiated Vacations and General Service time

  • Data Poisoning Attack on Deep Neural Network and Some Defense Methods

  • Efficient Palm-Line Segmentation with U-NetContext Fusion Module
Image Processing and Machine Learning
  • On the Use of Textual and Visual Data from Online Social Networks for Predicting Community Health

  • Proposing algorithm for detecting car number plate using SVM and WPOD-NET models

  • Real-time Recognition of Medicinal Plant Leaves Using Bounding-box Based Models

  • An AI-based approach for arterial signal control in heterogeneous traffic

  • Interpreting the Latent Space of Generative Adversarial Networks using Supervised Learning
Hardware-enabled AI and System Engineering
  • A Novel Development to Control Multi-functional WMR for Delivery Task in Warehouse

  • The flow of converting from Synchronous design to Asynchronous Null Convention Logic design: Case study of S-box in AES encryption in secure router

  • A Real-time Classification of Glaucoma from Retinal Fundus Images Using AI Technology

  • Modelling and Assessing the Transient Structures with the Fault Disturbances of Angular Frequency in Multi-Machine Power Systems
High-performance and Cloud Computing
  • A use case of CDN raw log file analysis

  • Combinatorial enumerations and graycodeness on restricted growth functions avoiding vincular patterns

  • VLO V1.1 – A Vietnamese Lexicon Ontology for Universal Dependency Parsing

  • Practical approach to access the impact of global variables on program parallelism

  • A Working time deadline-based backfilling scheduling solution
Short Papers
  • Reinforcing Service Level Agreements in Tourism Sector: The Role of Blockchain and Mobile Computing

  • Advanced On-Chip Variation in Static Timing Analysis for Deep Submicron Regime

  • A Deep Learning Approach for Text Segmentation in Document Analysis

  • Investigating Local Differential Privacy and Generative Adversarial Network in Collecting Data

  • Real-Time Face Mask Detector Using YOLOv3 Algorithm and Haar Cascade Classifier

  • Design of PID Controller by FPGA-Realization for Motion Control Systems

  • Performance Evaluation of Distributed Training in Tensorflow 2

  • A Forecasting Model for Monitoring Water Quality in Aquaculture and Fisheries IoT Systems

  • An Approach of BLE Mesh Network for Smart Home Application

Conference Publication

ACOMP'2020 Proceedings will be published by the Conference Publishing Services. All the presented papers are to be submitted to the IEEE Xplore and IEEE CS Digital Library. Post-conference publication opportunities include a special issue with Springer Nature of Computer Science. ACOMP proceedings have been indexed by the DBLP and other major bibliography portals since 2015.