Conference Venue

ACOMP 2020 will take place in the campus of Quy Nhon University. Located in a charming seaside city of Quy Nhon, the hosting university plays an increasingly important role in education, science and economy of Central Vietnam.

Campus Photos

About Quy Nhon

According to the Vietnam guide, Quy Nhon has a couple of attractions worth seeing and one of them is the Binh Dinh Museum. The right gallery is devoted to the struggles of the local Communist Party during the Vietnam War. The centre gallery features items from the French Colonial period and the left gallery showcases Cham sculptures. The Thap Doi Cham Towers is another Quy Nhon attraction. It is unique because of the number of towers as well as its location. Most Cham towers are in odd-numbered groups and usually found on the hilltops, while this one consists of only two towers and is located in town. Anyone would be impressed with the relief on the sculptures, since they are still in good shape after all these years. Long Khanh, which is Quy Nhon's main pagoda, is also worth the trip. Built in the 18th century, this attraction is notable because of its 17-metre high Buddha. Other remarkable attractions are the picturesque Queen's Beach and the Quy Hoa Leper Colony. The former was named after the wife of Vietnam's last emperor and the latter consists of a hospital surrounded by gardens and homes of former patients.

How to Get There

Quy Nhon is located in Central Vietnam. It is served by Phu Cat airport (30 km northeast of Quy Nhon), a major train station and a few national highways.

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By plane

A return flight (e.g., Jestar, VietJet) that connects Tan Son Nhat airport and Phu Cat airport will cost you around USD 100. Alternatively, you could book your flight from your local airport to Phu Cat as the final destination. Once landed in Phu Cat, take an airport shuttle bus (USD ~3) or a taxi (USD 15-25) to arrive in Quy Nhon.

Booking your flight to Phu Cat as the final destination usually is the best deal

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By train

Take a slow and tranquill train from Saigon to Quy Nhon, stopping at either Dieu Tri or Quy Nhon station. Dieu Tri station, being situated on national north-south main line 12km northwest of Quy Nhon, is served by many charter trains either way. The train station of Quy Nhon within the city limits is nevertheless not a major stop on the national main line. Only one national north-south train stops at this station per day.

USD 35-50 for one way

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By car (not recommended)

You might rent a car in Ho Cho Minh City and enjoy driving along the scenic national road of 1A. Keep in mind that traffic around Ho Chi Minh City and on national roads is full of hassle.

Local petrol price (RON 95) : 90 cents per litre

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By bus/coach

FUTA Bus Lines, Mai Linh Express and other coach lines will offer you a coach trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon. You will have to take a taxi ride to arrive in your coach station from Tan Son Nhat airport. Bus tickets could be booked online.

USD 15-25 for one way

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By bike (not recommended)

Only if you are local, you have a bike and you are willing to ride. You could in principle enjoy riding along the scenic national road of 1A. Keep in mind that traffic around Ho Chi Minh City and on national roads is full of hassle.

local petrol price (RON 95): 90 cents per litre